I am fascinated by how humans learn and navigate in their own learning experience.

I have grown up in an education system that dictated a very one sided notion of learning. Essentially, it ensured that if you were able to regurgitate facts and figures that that you could get by. However, I knew with every fiber within me that there is so much more to this concept of learning that has the power to bring joy to a human being discovering something for the first time.

As I reflect, I can distinctively highlight two (and there are so many more) conditions that really encouraged an environment that fostered learning for me.


I revel in the power of human connection and its impact on learning. I can particularly remember specific teachers who left a pleasant mark in my memory. They were the ones who appreciated their ability to connect with their students and make an effort to understand their individuality and potential. They have a passion for what they do and are creative facilitators of learning. It would often be in these classes that the learning would come alive and meaning would be associated to the content.


Recently I had the privileged to be part of a training experience for the third time. It’s incredibly unique in it’s delivery as it takes a very experiential framework for learning. The facilitator starts off with providing participants an experience whether through story telling or allowing participants to recall their own experience. I found this to be such a beautiful way in which I learnt and shared learning took place. Reflection was also a highly encouraged component to the learning cycle. Only after this was the theory or content actually weaved through. This experiential manner to learning brought so much meaning and purpose to the theory that can often seem quite abstract and detached.

As I have mentioned, these are only but just two major themes that are significantly current for me right now in my reflection of learning, but there are so much more. I believe that these two have powerful interconnections in the role it plays in how I have learnt in the past.

Learning continues to intrigue my mind. I’d like to leave you with this quote from  a recent article I read:

“Human learning remains untamed, unpredictable, a blossoming fractal movement so complex and so mysterious that none of us can measure or control it” (Carol Black)


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