The Start of a Beautiful Learning Journey

“Human learning remains untamed, unpredictable, a blossoming fractal movement so complex and so mysterious that none of us can measure or control it” (Carol Black)

Learning continues to intrigue and fascinate me. I am astounded at the various levels, facets and layers it often involves. A lot like the above quote refers to makes learning all the more enjoyable and filled with vibrant life. I am still left with a fascination about how humans learn and navigate in their own learning experience.

Through this curiosity and my own experience of learning and those around me, has left me with an unsettling frustration at the current manner in which we foster learning for children and youth. It is with this frustration that lead me to this insightful course that stimulates so much valuable thinking for me already.

Dr Hargreaves highlighted a very critical point regarding the purpose of learning that stood out for me. She explained that how we learn is affected by our educational culture that is informed by it’s specific purpose for learning. This was really interesting because the four purposes of learning, namely: learning to know, learning to do, learning to live together and learning to be, then led to the distinction between “Authoritarianism” vs. “Authority”. She further noted that typical, traditional classrooms encourages silence and conformity to the detriment of critical thinkers. This really made me think of my own learning experience where I found myself as a learner in a classroom of 60 plus in primary and in reflection, can immediately note that the teachers role involved to a large extent, instilling ‘silence and conformity’ in order to teach. It leaves me with the question of: How can we strike the balance to allow teachers who have this challenge (and many others) to be able to foster an environment that encourages critical thinkers and gives learners “authorship”?

I am hoping that through this course I will be able to reflect on these types of questions and many more. I know that this course will challenge my thinking and understanding of how we learn and ‘do’ education. It will also develop my thinking in so many ways. My ideas and aspirations of the future of education has already been so current on my mind and thus I look forward to unveiling the layers that are yet to be discovered through this process of learning and learning in collaboration.

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